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how to lose a guy in 10 days
candace angry
kate hudson has really small boobs. still fierce though. i can't decide if matthew mcconaughey is attractive or not.

this film is totally garbage and predictable. yet i am still watching it at 6 a.m. instead of sleeping (like my sister is doing right next to me). that's got to say something about its magnetic pull.

do real women actually act like kate hudson does in this movie? i want to be friends with those women. i bet they're funny as hell.

edit: my sister just woke up in the middle of the argument and started shushing them. hahahahahahaha
clearly they took acting lessons from Queen of Shrill, Sandra Bullock

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i'm sure we can find some women like that at the snatch patch

i remember watching that on my plane trip back home from las vegas
it gave me STOMACH PAINS.

sadly, that does not surprise me. i'm beginning to question my decision to spend money buying this dvd--perhaps i'll use it to induce vomiting if i eat some e. coli-infected food? or lend it to you if the need strikes.

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